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Simplot Hawaii features a broad range of contemporary and traditional horticulture related products, strategic warehouse locations on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii, timely deliveries and knowledgeable staff that offers impeccable customer service.

Simplot GAL-XeONE® Slow Release Fertilizer

Matching Nutrient Delivery
with Plant Uptake

Continuous nutrition is how all plants flourish and remain healthy, from turf and trees to crops and pots.

Simplot GAL-XeONE® fertilizer provides continuous nutrition to match a plant’s growth cycle for up to 18 months. This gradual release of plant nutrients improves efficiency, limits plant damage and reduces nutrient loss.

Fairways, Farming and Flowering Plants

GAL-XeONE provides the versatility that works effectively in a variety of weather conditions, soil types and plant varieties. Nurseries, golf courses, and even crops, fruit trees and berry bushes all benefit from long-lasting, controlled-release fertilizers that reduce labor costs and offer the ultimate level of application safety.

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Exmark Stand On “Lean to Turn” Spreader Sprayer Now at Simplot Hawaii


See the stand on Exmark Spreader Sprayer in action. You can either boom spray, spot spray or spread fertilizer with this easy to use stand on spreader sprayer. Cuts down on labor costs and is easy to transport from location to location.

Tuesday October 11th Demo of Exmark Spreader Sprayer on the Southside at Maui Sunset 10:30am – with sodas and snacks.

Tuesday October 11th Demo of Exmark Spreader Sprayer at the HGP Baseyard in Kahului 3:30pm – with beverages and pupus.

Wednesday October 12th Demo of Exmark Spreader Sprayer on the Westside at Honua Kai 10:30am – with sodas and snacks.


The industry’s most advanced, most innovative stand-on spreader-sprayer! This versatile, easy-to-operate, easy to maneuver machine offers the most advanced lean-to-steer technology and outstanding stability.

Turf Management professionals who require a versatile and easy to maneuver spreader sprayer that is functional for all properties

Innovative Lean-To-Steer Technology
This advanced solution allows the operator to control all motion with just one hand.

Agitation System
Thanks to our innovative agitation system, two inductive nozzles allow you to mix chemicals in the tank and keep them in suspension.

Intuitive Controls
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“Fire! Little Fire Ants in Hawaii”, Masako Cordray’s Documentary, on KITV

“Fire! Little Fire Ants in Hawaii”, a new documentary on the little fire ant, will air this Saturday, 6:30 pm, on KITV channel 4 and again the following Saturday, June 4th at 6:30pm.


Masako Cordray receiving the 2014 Mālama i ka ʻĀina Award

This 30-minute documentary examines the spread of the little fire ant across our Islands and the people who work to address one of the most significant invasive species problems we face

Until recently, little fire ants were limited primarily to Hawaii Island but as the infestations have grown there, so has the inevitability of their spread.

First introduced to Puna in 1999, and shortly thereafter to Kauai, these ants are one of the worst invasive species imaginable in Hawaii. They invade houses, gardens, and forests. The ants are also arboreal; they swarm up plants and trees. When disturbed, they drop off, falling onto people and animals. Unsuspecting victims are left with painful stings.

In January of 2014 little fire ants were detected on Oahu, leading to a multi-agency response resulting in containment and eradication. These tiny pests have hitchhiked to Maui and Lanai as well. Meanwhile Hawaii Island residents are faced with creating sanctuaries amidst a sea of stinging ants. Find out more on

Funding and support for this video was provided in part by the Hawaii Invasive Species Council and the County of Maui – Office of Economic Development.”

Find the embedded video here: or play the video below.

Simplot Hawaii & John Deere Kahului Barbecue

Please Click to View the Photo Gallery

In attendance were:

The Hosts/Organizers of this GREAT event were:

  • Ken Findeisen (Simplot Hawaii)
  • Keven Boteilho (Simplot Hawaii)
  • David Yoyama (Simplot Hawaii)
  • Tony Martelles (Simplot Hawaii)
  • Steven Cotton (Pacific Golf & Turf)
  • Wes Weyant (John Deere Golf)

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Introducing Shindaiwa Cordless Tools

shin56vShindaiwa is proud to introduce its brand new line-up of Lithium-Ion-powered, cordless products including a String Trimmer, a Handheld Blower, and a double-sided Hedge Trimmer (each one available with or without a battery and charger). Powerful, 56V batteries create equipment that: has gas-like performance, is quieter than gas engines, has zero exhaust emissions, requires no mixing of gas and oil, and has easy, push-button start-ups.


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Simplot Hawaii Turf And Landscape Seminars – Oahu, Kahului, and Kona

From the farm to the golf course, from resorts to the field, and every horticultural, and agricultural interest in between, all individuals involved in management will benefit from attending the Simplot Hawaii seminars in Kahului and Kona.

For professionals who need credits to keep their credentials viable attendance at the Simplot Hawaii Seminars is recognized for: Commercial Applicators (RUP) credits, GCSAA education points, LICT Credits, and Arborist credits.

…plus there is a GREAT LUNCH!!!

Specticle Total – Bayer’s Latest Innovation

P1140664-530Specticle® Total is the non-selective herbicide with quick knockdown and unrivaled residual control. Not only does it kill existing weeds, it prevents new ones for up to 6 months. This innovative solution is easily mixed in a backpack sprayer and can be used in both landscapes and hardscapes. Specticle Total gives landscape managers a powerful tool for controlling troublesome weeds.

Benefits you can see. Results to help you grow your bottom line.

  • Delivers up to 6 months residual control — which means fewer treatments
  • Offers more effective control than other typical pre-emergent products — for fewer callbacks
  • Uses less active ingredient — resulting in less – herbicide in the environment
  • Rainproof in 30 minutes
  • Visible results in hours

CLICK HERE to see more information and also the label on Specticle Total’s Simplot Hawaii product detail page.

SUPER SALE—Tanaka Demo Day!!!


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