Shindaiwa Power Tools from Simplot Hawaii

Simplot Hawaii features a broad range of contemporary and traditional horticulture related products, strategic warehouse locations on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii, timely deliveries and knowledgeable staff that offers impeccable customer service.

(Power equipment only available at our Kahului Maui location.)

Simplot Hawaii Kahului on Maui carries the full line of Shindaiwa Power Equipment and parts.  For over 50 years Shindaiwa has been an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality outdoor power equipment for professional users.

Tired of nibbling at grass and weeds with light duty equipment? Want a serious tool, to get some work done? Well you've come to the right place--Let Simplot Hawaii set you up! Call 808-877-6636 on Maui to talk to our portable power equipment experts. Or why don't you VISIT our warehouse so you can actually hold these cool tools?

Shindaiwa Chain Saws

Shindaiwa is proud to introduce a full line-up of seven rugged chain saws build for pro users and discriminating consumers. As with all Shindaiwa products, these are professional-grade chain saws designed for high-performance, easy handling, and long-lasting durability. They're also backed by industry-leading 1 year commercial and 5 year consumer warranties. The line up ranges from 30.5 cc engines up to 59.8 cc. Shindaiwa chain saws incorporate professional features that utilize the best technology and outstanding designs to perform in the harshest conditions. With seven models to choose from, there's a Shindaiwa chain saw that's right for you.

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Shindaiwa Chain Saws 305s 305s   view details

Lightweight and loaded with easy-to-use features including a reduced-effort starter and vibration reduction system.

Shindaiwa Chain Saws 340s 340s   view details

Features the same light weight and easy-to-use features as the 305s but with increased power.

Shindaiwa Chain Saws 358Ts 358Ts   view details

This is the saw arborists demand featuring high-powered, top handle performance with comfort and outstanding balance.

Shindaiwa Chain Saws 402s 402s   view details

The 402s is the best value in it's class and is loaded with professional features and outstanding power.

Shindaiwa Chain Saws 491s 491s   view details

Features lightweight cutting ability and a great value - it's the new standard for mid-range saws.

Shindaiwa Chain Saws 591 591   view details

The 591 was built for cutting firewood and can tackle the toughest jobs on the ranch, farm or anywhere.

Shindaiwa Chain Saws 600sx 600sx   view details

Large displacement saw with a powerful performance cutting system that will take care of any wood-cutting job.

Shindaiwa 600SX

Shindaiwa 600SX

Shindaiwa Brushcutters

Shindaiwa Brushcutters have a world-wide reputation for performance and durability. Anti-vibration systems and professional-quality harnesses make operating them smooth and comfortable in any conditions. Additional features include solid steel main shafts and a 4-bearing gear case.

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Shindaiwa Brushcutters C242 C242 view details

The C242 straight shaft trimmer is known for comfortable operation coupled with light weight.

Shindaiwa Brushcutters C254 C254 view details

High-torque performance powered by 2/4 stroke engine technology.

Shindaiwa Brushcutters C282 C282 view details

Commercial-duty brushcutter featuring our most powerful 2-stroke engine.

Shindaiwa Brushcutters C344 C344 view details

Shindaiwa's largest brushcutter to power through the toughest conditions.

Shindaiwa C282

Shindaiwa C282

Shindaiwa Trimmers

Shindaiwa Trimmers are big on power and low on weight.  A choice of engine technologies - either traditional 2-stroke or  2/4 stroke - makes them right for any environment. The new star is the T62 with legendary Shindaiwa features and a great price point.  It comes with a solid shaft drive, ergonomically correct grips, premium 2-stage air filtration and full wrap tank stand. And it also includes a 20” cutting swath, easy-to-load, high capacity Speed Feed 400 head and high torque gear box - a combination not found on any competitive unit!

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Shindaiwa Trimmers T242 T242   view details

Hardworking, dependable 2-stroke technology.  T242X blade ready model also available.

Shindaiwa Trimmers T262 T262   view details

Shindaiwa's T262 is the trimmer of choice for landscape professionals.

Shindaiwa Trimmers T282 T282   view details

Well balanced machine with the lineage of the legendary T27 and T270 trimmers.  T282X blade ready model also available.

Shindaiwa Trimmers T242X T242X   view details

Same engine as T242 but equipped for brushcutting. Standard trimmer head included. Blade not included.

Shindaiwa Trimmers T282X T282X   view details

Same engine as T282 but equipped for brushcutting. Standard trimmer head included. Blade not included.

Shindaiwa Trimmers T344 T344   view details

Shindaiwa's most powerful trimmer. Its light weight is based on 2/4 stroke engine technology.

Shindaiwa T282X

Shindaiwa T262

Shindaiwa Shafted Trimmers

Shindaiwa Shafted Hedge Trimmers offer a choice of two engine technologies and models featuring 66" or 93" of total length for the power - and range - for any job. The chrome-plated, double-reciprocating 22" blades make quick work of any hedge. The easily adjustable articulated gear case rotates either 135° or 150° depending on model and transfers amazing torque to the blades.

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Shindaiwa Shafted Hedge Trimmers AH242 AH242   view details

Rugged 2-stroke engine and a long shaft for a variety of hedge trimming tasks.

Shindaiwa Shafted Hedge Trimmers AH254 AH254   view details

A powerful 2/4 stroke engine and a 93" length allow shaping of just about any hedge.

Shindaiwa Shafted Hedge Trimmers AHS242 AHS242   view details

Well balanced, short shaft allows incredible mid-reach performance and use.

Shindaiwa Shafted Hedge Trimmers AHS254 AHS254   view details

A high-torque 2/4 stroke engine and a short shaft make it easily maneuverable and perfect for low shrubs.

Shindaiwa Shafted Hedge Trimmers FH235 FH235   view details

Light weight and simple design with outstanding cutting performance

Shindaiwa T282X

Shindaiwa AH254

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