Simplot Hawaii for Landscaping and Resorts

Simplot Hawaii features a broad range of contemporary and traditional horticulture related products, strategic warehouse locations on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii, timely deliveries and knowledgeable staff that offers impeccable customer service.

Simplot Hawaii's Featured Fertilizers for Hawaiian Landscapes

BEST® 30-1-9 Mini with GAL-XE ONE®
A long lasting mini sized, controlled release fertilizer. Contains Iron and Manganese.

BEST® Short-Kut® 24 (24-4-9) is a A mini particle sized, 2-particle blend formulated for short mowed turf.

BEST® NitreX 20-2-3 with 5% IRON
Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate Technology providing an ideal source of N for all seasons.

APEX® 14-14-14 NPK with GAL-Xe ONE®
APEX® 14-14-14 NPK is best for BEDDING, FLOWERING and FRUITING commercial production crops.

APEX® 17-5-11 NPK MAX with GAL-Xe ONE® is ideally suited to meet the nutritional needs of short term annual crop production.

APEX® 12-4-12 Palm K with GAL-Xe ONE®
Formulated for palms with a 3:1:3 ratio with extra magnesium and a complete set of micronutrients

8-30-15 Mini Phos with AVAIL®, protected phosphorous, to reduce tie-up of phosphate and make it more available to the plants.

BEST® 9 Iron Minis 9-9-9 is an all purpose mini-sized homogeneous fertilizer enriched with 9% iron and 11% sulfur.

Simplot Hawaii's Featured Insecticide for Hawaiian Landscapes

TriStar® 8.5 SL insecticide
TriStar® 8.5 SL insecticide is an odorless, water-based formulation
that mixes easily and works with contact, systemic and translaminar
activity to protect valuable plants.

Simplot Hawaii's Featured Pre-Emergence Herbicide for Hawaiian Landscapes

Specticle G
Up to six months of broad-spectrum control
against more than 90 broadleaf and grassy weeds,
plus annual sedges

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