Andersons Foltec Foliar Nutrition

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Introducing Foltec® Foliar Nutrition

The Andersons has developed a special line of Foliar Nutritent products specifically designed to compliment the baseline nutrition strategy established and proven Contec DGTM products.

New Foltec® Foliar Nutrient are technically advanced to achieve high efficiency absorption and plant tissue feeding. These properties are particularly effective for non-plant mobile nutrients like iron and manganese or for periods of high stress or low moisture. The use of Foltec products has been integrated into the TNT UltraTM for Turf Managers.

The Foltec® line includes two families of products - products containing amino acids, which aid in energy conservation during stress periods, and products containing sea-plant extracts, which contain elicitors of plant hormone responses and has shown to aid the plant during times of stress.

Our University testing has shown that our Foltec® nutrients have speed-to-response equivalent to superior to the high-end national brands. However, we think the turf manager can get so much more out of their nutrition by optimizing nutrition above and below the surface by combining with a Contec DGTM base-line nutrition program. Typically foliar nutrients are used almost exclusively on finely cut turf like putting greens during high-stress periods.

Our testing has shown a base-line nutrition program using Contec DGTM throughout summer months, with a compliment of Foltec® foliar nutrition, provides superior results. What is most surprising to turf managers, is that a program of Foltec® + Contec DGTM, typically is significantly less costly that a complete foliar program from the national brands.


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