Exmark Stand On “Lean to Turn” Spreader Sprayer Now at Simplot Hawaii


See the stand on Exmark Spreader Sprayer in action. You can either boom spray, spot spray or spread fertilizer with this easy to use stand on spreader sprayer. Cuts down on labor costs and is easy to transport from location to location.

Tuesday October 11th Demo of Exmark Spreader Sprayer on the Southside at Maui Sunset 10:30am – with sodas and snacks.

Tuesday October 11th Demo of Exmark Spreader Sprayer at the HGP Baseyard in Kahului 3:30pm – with beverages and pupus.

Wednesday October 12th Demo of Exmark Spreader Sprayer on the Westside at Honua Kai 10:30am – with sodas and snacks.


The industry’s most advanced, most innovative stand-on spreader-sprayer! This versatile, easy-to-operate, easy to maneuver machine offers the most advanced lean-to-steer technology and outstanding stability.

Turf Management professionals who require a versatile and easy to maneuver spreader sprayer that is functional for all properties

Innovative Lean-To-Steer Technology
This advanced solution allows the operator to control all motion with just one hand.

Agitation System
Thanks to our innovative agitation system, two inductive nozzles allow you to mix chemicals in the tank and keep them in suspension.

Intuitive Controls
Everything you need at your fingertips—allowing you to make easy adjustments while maintaining total control.



  • Equipped with a Subaru® engine.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • The agitation system allows for both wetable powder and dry flow-ables.
  • No belt hassle with the direct drive to transaxle and electric spinner motor and pump.
  • Better wide spray coverage with two nozzle set.
  • 20-gallon spray tank.
  • Hopper can hold 175 lbs. An extra 50 lb bag can also be placed in carrier on top of tank.
  • Stainless steel operator platform with isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride. Locks up or
    down for storage.

Exmark Stand On “Lean to Turn” Spreader/Sprayer Youtube Videos

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