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BESTŪ NitreX 20-2-3 with 5% IRON

BESTŪ NitreX 20-2-3 with 5% IRON

Category:   Fertilizer

Manufacturer:   BEST


Nitrex has been reformulated with our new Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate Technology, giving you an ideal source of N for all seasons. Contains 5.0% (non-staining) Iron for that deep green color. This formulation will exceed all your expectations!

BENEFITS: BESTŪ NitreX 20-2-3 with 5% IRON
  • Contains 5% iron for deep green all season color.
  • A combination of two homogeneous pellets featuring 4.5 units nitrate nitrogen.
  • Utilizes sulfate of potash to reduce burn potential and no chlorides.

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Product Number:   FER050- M827853

Product ID:   29