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Andersons Humate Products

We started by combining pure, dry humate with a plant based organic carbon source, and applying our dispersing granule (DG) process. What we created was a unique, spherical humic acid granule which contains thousands of micro-particles that have the ability to quickly dissolve into the soil. These micro-particles self-incorporate into the soil, providing immediate benefits to both the soil and the plant.

Humic Acid

Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix which includes a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids. Humic acid enhances the plant’s ability to take in essential nutrients and improves soil structure.

Proven Humic Acid Benefits:

  • Increases soil carbon
  • Improves plant health
  • Improves germination and viability of seeds
  • Chelates macro and micro nutrients to increase availability to the plant for a longer period of time
  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Improves soil structure for better aeration and water movement
  • Stimulates beneficial microorganisms, which can improve long-term soil pH
  • Especially effective on sandy soils

Our Products

Most soils contain "tied up" nutrients that need to be made accessible to plants in order to optimize both growth and yield. The Andersons Humic Solutions are a group of humic acid-based soil amendments designed to reduce the effect of the environmental stresses of water, temperature and soil conditions on crops. Additionally, these products provide two technology platforms that improve the delivery of humic substances to the plant.

Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG are used as dispersing granule soil amendments, while UltraMate SG is a completely soluble granular product. Working together, these products provide the crop access (through both leaf and soil) to humic substances throughout the growing season.

All Andersons Humate Products are OMRI listed.
When used in a program approach, Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG and UltraMate SG provide greater flexibility in programming your soil amendment applications, and are designed to complement conventional plant nutrition.
Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG are soil applied amendment solutions designed to increase the effect on soil microbial activity and applied nutrients. Dispersible Granule (DG) Technology maximizes the amount of humic acid delivered with each application. The methods of application are wide ranging, as Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG can be applied through variable rate technology (VRT) equipment, or directly applied in the in-furrow, bedding, broadcast or strip tillage methods. Both products can be also be blended in all fertilizer materials.

Ultramate SG has a greater flexibility than most liquid applied humic materials. Shipped in concentrated form, UltraMate SG can be quickly diluted and applied at variable rates to meet the cropping conditions and liquid application method of the grower. It is excellent when applied thru irrigation, including drip, center pivot or other types, and can be tank mixed for in-furrow application at planting. UltraMate SG is also an excellent way to deliver humic substances to the crop during periods of environmental stress through conventional spray equipment and side dress applications.

With advanced delivery technologies designed for all types of application methods, The Andersons Humic Solutions truly represent the next generation of soil health, delivering the humic substances plants need, more effectively and efficiently, throughout the growing season.

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